LOKLiK Crafter - LOKLiK Blue


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    Internal Reference: LOKLiK Crafter - LOKLiK Blue

    LOKLiK Crafter

    Our smart cutting machine with an easy-to-use app. Design and personalise anything, from custom cards to unique clothing and more!

    High-precision cut

    With our self-developed hard and durable alloy blades and the long-tested fast motor, the cutting speed of the LOKLiK Crafter is generally 10-20% faster than cutting machines under the same testing conditions.

    Reduced gear noise

    The excellent noise-canceling technology helps deliver an ultra-quiet working experience. With gear sounds below 70dBa, our Crafter is up to 30% lower than cutting machines.

    Accurate tracking cut

    Thanks to the advanced "Print Then Cut" feature, the LOKLiK Crafter can make a precise tracking cut along the contour of printed images, even with intricate patterns.

    Multi-purpose features

    Our Crafter is designed with two different tool clamps, allowing you to create personalised and professional projects with cutting blades or coloured pens.

    Multi-device mode

    With its super-stable USB and Bluetooth connection system, users are allowed to operate several LOKLiK Crafters at the same time, enhancing productivity massively.

    Offline working mode

    Because you connect the Crafter with a USB cable or via Bluetooth you don't need to rely on an internet connection. No more worries about losing your progress when the network goes down. You can continue cutting tasks even when there is no internet. Create anything, anywhere you like. 

    LOKLiK IdeaStudio

    LOKLiK IdeaStudio is our graphic design software that connects your computer, tablet or phone to your LOKLiK Crafter. lt enables LOKLiK machines to work simultaneously and even with a poor network connection.

    Create with multiple different materials

    Our cutting machines can work with a variety of materials, like heat transfer vinyl (HTV), adhesive vinyl, sublimation paper, cardstock, heat transfer paper, felt, and more.


    What's included in the box:

    1 x LOKLiK Crafter

    1 x Blade Housing

    1 x Pen Holder 

    2 x Cutting Blade 45° - red cover

    2 x Cutting Blade 60° - blue cover

    1x Standard cutting mat

    1x Black dual tip brush pen 

    1x LOKLiK Heat transfer vinyl sample.

    Power Adapter

    USB cable

    User manual


    Everything extra you need to get started:

    Cutting mat

    Don't forget to choose an extra mat for your favourite materials and get started with creating your designs.



    Discover our large assortment of materials like our heat transfer vinyl (HTV), adhesive vinyl, sublimation paper, cardstock, heat transfer paper and more.

    Tool set


    Handy tools to easily remove even the smallest pieces of vinyl and simplify your workflow.