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CNC milling for everyone

Carbide3D offers a diverse selection of CNC machines, making it straightforward to locate the ideal machine for your specific application. Whether you need a desktop or a portal CNC machine, a DIY kit, or a fully assembled enclosed machine, we have you covered. Plus, every machine is equipped with dedicated Carbide3D software for the convenient preparation and milling of your designs.

Make Prototypes

Whatever materials you need to work in, whatever CAD program you use, the Nomad can do it.

Make Jewelry

Whether you work in wax or directly in metal, the Nomad is capable of the fine detail you need.

Make PCB's

The Nomad has the precision to do PCB milling with ease, even with SMT components.

Plastic is Easy

Plastic machines really well on the Nomad: HDPE, Delrin, acrylic, polycarbonate, and more.

Wood is No Problem

Any kind of wood is suitable for the Nomad, from pine to maple, oak, or the even more exotic species.

Cut Small Metal Parts

Soft metals, like aluminum and brass up to .25" thick cut well on the Nomad.

Cut Inlays

The Nomad is accurate enough to cut inlays and pockets that fit together perfectly.

Full 3D Cutting

You're not limited to simple 2D cuts. The Nomad can do complex, flowing organic shapes with ease.

The machines

Shapeoko 5 Pro

Shapeoko 5 Pro is our newest and largest machine.

Shapeoko 5 Pro is based on a ballscrew and linear rail motion system, the same motion system used on industrial CNC machines.

Shapeoko 5 Pro is the machine we recommend for those who want maximum performance and accuracy paired with a larger cutting area.

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Shapeoko Pro

Shapeoko Pro uses linear rails and belts on every axis for increased rigidity and performance. That translates into more efficiency and better finishes compared to the Shapeoko 4.

Shapeoko Pro is a solid upgrade over the Shapeoko 4 for those looking for higher performance or plan to use it a lot.

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Shapeoko 4

We took the Shapeoko Pro and replaced the linear bearings with V-wheels for maximum value and minimum maintenance.

It's got 90% of the performance of Shapeoko Pro, but at a lower price, making the Shapeoko 4 an ideal machine for those just getting started in CNC.

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Nomad 3

The Nomad 3 is not just another desktop CNC machine, we designed it to make CNC machining something that normal people can do.

All the complexity of traditional CNC machines is handled in the background.

This is only possible because of our highly-integrated hardware and software, something that isn’t possible if you have to find your own software to run the machine.

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Shapeoko works with most free CNC software, but it also includes our Carbide Create so there's nothing more to buy.

Shapeoko takes 2-3 hours to assemble. Most of that time is spent on the Hybrid Table, which has a lot of screws, but the payoff is a rigid machine with great workholding.

Yes! Shapeoko can run 2D or 3D toolpaths with all motors moving simultaneously.

Shapeoko itself is very quiet. Most of the noise comes from the spindle (a trim router) and the shop vacuum, if you use one.

Unfortunately, we've done the math on the and it ends up being cost prohibitive to upgrade from a Shapeoko 4 to a Shapeoko Pro.

You cannot upgrade the size of a Shapeoko 4 or Pro. Upgrading from one size to another doesn't save much money from the price of a new machine.

Fusion 360 comes with a Carbide 3D post processor that works with Shapeoko.

Shapeoko can cut aluminum but it will cut slower than wood and plastic so you'll want to take your time with it.

Shapeoko can cut brass but it will cut slower than wood, plastic and aluminum so you'll need to take your time with it.

Can Shapeoko cut metal?

Shapeoko can cut brass and aluminum but harder metals, like steel or stainless steel, are not recommended. We have users that have done it, but cutting steel takes a lot more skill and experience.

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