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Bambu Lab X1E

For professionals and engineering applications

  • Stable Ethernet Connection, WPA2-Enterprise Authentication Wi-Fi Connection
  • Fully Functional With LAN Only Mode
  • Heavy Duty Air Filtration
  • Active Heating And Controlled Chamber Temp
  • 320 degrees Celsius Nozzle Temp
  • Robust High Speed CoreXY

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Bambu Lab X1-Carbon

  • AI-powered flagship 3D printer: High precision printing and accuracy with 7µm lidar resolution
  • Multi-color and material capability: Print up to 16 colors and multi-materials
  • Breathtaking speed: CoreXY motion system with 20.000 mm/s² acceleration and 500 mm/s speed
  • Ultra smoothness: Active vibration compensation improves performance and reliability 

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3D printing without worries

  • Automatic bed leveling
  • First layer inspection
  • Spaghetti detection

Automatic Material System AMS

  • Support up to 16 colors connecting multiple AMS units with Bambu Lab X1 series and P1P/P1S
  • Intelligent system with filament runout, winding detection and auto filament backup

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The best printers for the best price


  • High performance printer at an affordable price
  • Seamless setup and printing experience right out of the box
  • Available for upgrades and modding with personalized design
  • State-of-the-art electronics including vibration compensation, pressure advance, WiFi connection and camera
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  • Camera with AI Technology and timelapse
  • Intuitive touchscreen
  • LiDAR sensor for perfect first layers and enhanced print quality
  • Capable for more advanced materials

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  • Camera with AI Technology and timelapse
  • Advanced air filter
  • Heated enclosed chamber
  • Capable for professional materials

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Filaments in all the colors you can imagine

Different materials available for different purposes, depending on your needs

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