3D Printing

Free your imagination

With 3D printing, nearly everything becomes achievable.You can print in various colors and materials, whether for engineering applications or educational tools.

Produce your products or fix things yourself.

3D printing has opened up exciting opportunities for individuals to produce their own products and efficiently fix things, empowering a new era of DIY innovation. Whether you're a hobbyist, a tinkerer, or someone with a specific problem to solve, 3D printing can be a game-changer.

Discover different materials​


An easy-to-print material suitable for everyday models, offered in a variety of colors and finishes.


Advanced materials with enhanced UV and wear resistance.

Support for PLA

Material for use as a support structure during printing.


The most advanced material for high-impact strength, particularly suited for engineering applications.

3D Printing in education

3D printing is an excellent tool for educational purposes. It teaches design skills, problem-solving, and an understanding of technology.

Many schools and makerspaces use 3D printers to inspire creativity and innovation in students.

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Wide range to fit your needs and expertise.

Bambu Lab P1P

The most affordable stripped-down 3D printer in the lineup. Fast, high-quality printing with no bells and whistles.

Bambu Lab P1S

Same printer as P1P but enclosed for safer printing and better temperature control. Equipped with a particle filter.

Bambu Lab X1C

Touchscreen for intuitive control and easy troubleshooting. LiDAR for automatic flow calibration. AI spaghetti detection.

Bambu Lab X1E

Machine for advanced use, with a dedicated stable ethernet connection. Equipped with particulates and VOC filter.

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