xTool Desktop Smoke Purifier FILTER for F1 - 1 PCS


For F Series only

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90.08 € VAT Excluded

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    Internal Reference: P5010220

    Ensure a clean and healthy workspace with the xTool Desktop Smoke Purifier FILTER. Designed for the xTool Desktop Smoke Purifier for F1, this filter offers effective filtration of smoke, dust, and other pollutants generated during laser engraving and cutting. It is the perfect solution for improving air quality in your workspace.


    • High-Efficiency Filtration: Efficiently captures fine particles and smoke with multiple layers of filtration.
    • Easy Replacement: The filter is easy to install and replace, keeping maintenance straightforward.
    • Durable Design: Made from high-quality materials that ensure longevity and effectiveness in filtration.
    • Optimal Performance: Specially designed for the xTool Desktop Smoke Purifier to deliver maximum performance.


    • Improved Air Quality: Helps maintain a safe and healthy working environment by effectively removing harmful substances.
    • Long-Term Protection: Regular filter replacement ensures continued efficiency and protection against air pollution.
    • Reduced Odor: Eliminates unpleasant odors, creating a more pleasant working environment.

    Ideal for:

    • Users of the xTool Desktop Smoke Purifier for F1 looking to optimize air quality in their immediate surroundings.
    • Small workshops and studios where clean air is crucial.

    Keep your air clean and free from harmful particles with the xTool Desktop Smoke Purifier FILTER. 

    An essential component for any user who values purity and safety in their work environment.


    1*Filter pack

    2*spare pre-filters 

    1*User manual

    Only to be used for xTool Desktop Smoke Purifier for F1