Durable laser cutters designed for heavy-duty use in production settings or educational environments.

FabCreator, made in The Netherlands

At FabCreator we take great pride in the fact our machines are designed, developed and made right here in the Netherlands. 

Our machines offer a unique feature set and experience. Learn more about our Dutch Made Lasers below.

Clean cuts

The internal compressor provided ensures a clean air supply throughout the cutting and engraving process.

Upgradeable to larger external compressor for cleaner cuts 

CE & Class 1 Laser

The Crafty is built to the machine directive, among other European directives which enable us to apply the CE mark. Furthermore the Crafty is a Class 1 laser product, this means you can safely enjoy your laser cutting experience without fear of damaging your skin or eyes.

High Quality Laser

The high quality CO2 laser housed within the Crafty is able to cut thicker and faster compared to other systems. A better beam profile and convergence allows for a greater final focal power density, so the power is better directed into cutting the material.

Easy cleaning

All mirrors and items which require regular maintenance and cleaning are easily accessible from the main interlocked door.

This ensures you are always safe from laser radiation and do not need to go climbing behind the machine for maintenance. 

The FabCreator machines


With all the Core essentials for a great laser cutter, the FabCore is our first plug and play machine.

We believe it to be the perfect match for hobbyists, schools and freelancers looking to step into the world of laser cutting.

While in the hobby class of laser cutter, the FabCore is designed to be a professional workhorse, with very little maintenance required (only cleaning mirrors, lens and the work area!) and with the ability to upgrade the cooling allowing it to run 24/7 if so desired!

  • 40W Laser
  • 600x300mm work area
  • Integrated alignment laser

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FabCore Plus

The worlds first professional CO2 laser kit. The FabKit offers an all in one package for those looking for a full feature laser cutter which they can build themselves. Building a machine by yourself is a fun experience which allows you to learn the inner workings of the machine, making you well versed for any future maintenance that may occur in its many years of operation. 

  • 75W Laser
  • 800x500x130mm work area
  • Integrated alignment laser
  • Auto Focus

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Coming Soon, the Crafty Laser! Our newest development ideal for Crafting your designs! The Crafty is the perfect starter for hobbyists, schools and small businesses looking to start CO2 Laser Cutting.

While in the hobby class of laser cutter, the Crafty is designed to have little maintenance (only cleaning mirrors, lens and the work area!) and with the ability to upgrade the external cooling allows it to run 24/7 if so desired!

  • 30W Laser
  • 500x300mm work area
  • Integrated Camera Option

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