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We can’t stop talking about fablabs, they are really amazing on so many different levels.  Whether it is education, entrepreneurship or social innovation – it really doesn’t matter – it just works!  And also, the global maker community is such a cool family to be part of!

For all these reasons we decided to start up FabLab Factory – in a way to help schools and organisations to overcome all the hassle in finding and judging the right equipment, installing and configuring it.  Fablab Factory is equipment, training and curricula for you and your colleagues to give your school and community a technology boost.

So, from start to finish we can setup your fablab, train you and your colleagues and enable your pupils and students to become the next generation of makers!


RoboCup Junior

April 30, 2016

On Saturday 30/04/2016 I was at the RoboCup Junior competition in Tour & Taxis in Brussels.  My mission? To check the robots developed by the different teams from the first grade in secondary education in Belgium.

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Gebeten door Ondernemen

April 28, 2016

De HoGent en Odisee hebben hun jaarlijkse Ondernemersaward uitgereikt aan Frans Krauch van meststoffenbedrijf Viano. Het is al de vijfde keer dat beide hogescholen de meest gebeten ondernemer uit de regio Aalst bekronen.

[Yes it is in Dutch, but hey we're living in Europe right?]

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STEAM with Girls 4 Girls!

February 29, 2016

L’esperienza di sabato è stata l’ennesima dimostrazione dell’incredibile potenziale dei Fab Labs per rendere l’educazione più creativa e divertente.

[Yes it is in Italian, but hey we're living in Europe right? Thank you Martina Ferracane]

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Teacher Maker Camp

February 19, 2016

WAAG Society's Fablab published 10 recipes to help teachers (re)discover their inner-inventor & get skilled in maker education.

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