xTool P2


Versatile and Smart Desktop 55W CO2 Laser Cutter

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3,800.94 € VAT Excluded

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How to Choose a Desktop CO2 Laser Cutter?

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Media's Best Overall: Pro-Approved.

Best of the Best in Design, Not Just Editors' Pick.

This product features a main structure built with materials like aerospace-grade black anodized aluminum alloy, and an integrated aluminum alloy handle, ensuring both durability and elegance.

xTool P2

Flagship of Desktop 55W CO2 Laser Cutter

Unlock All Color Acrylics:

Wow, That's Beautiful!

Unlike diode laser cutters, CO2 laser cutters can work with acrylic in any color. The xTool P2 CO2 laser unlocks a world of project possibilities, enabling the creation of intricately beautiful details.

Materials Unlocked, Creativity Unbounded.

The xTool P2 can engrave and cut across hundreds of materials. Your creativity is no longer limited by materials.

Game-Changing Efficiencywith Your Personal Factory.

As a daily tool, product performance becomes particularly important. The xTool P2 boasts a leading 55W output and a large work area, perfect for handling diverse projects with ease.

  • Max 600mm/s engraving speed
  • Up to 680 x 360 mm bed size
  • Up to 500% faster cutting on materials*

​*According to xTool lab test data, the

  • xTool P2 cuts 500% faster than other 40w diode laser machines.
  • Up to 37% output for enhanced performance*

​*Compared to the Laser Box, the xTool P2 has a 37% increase in output.

Unveil the Distinct Features.

Dual HD Camera

Accurate Positioning of Tiny Objects. The xTool P2 boasts an ultra-high dual 16MP resolution. Not only can you preview your overall design in real-time, but you can also see the details on the material, ensuring error-free results.


Engrave with Ease on Curved Surfaces. xTool P2's CurveAce™ feature automatically creates perfect 3D models, expanding your creative possibilities with a variety of curved materials.

AutoPassthrough ™ Technology

Process Extra-long Materials Automatically. Our AutoPassthrough ™ Technology allows for seamless, precision engraving and cutting on materials up to 118 inches long. DistiMaster™ Ranging System

Never Miss the Focus, Cut-Through Everytime.

Integrated laser sensing offers exceptional precision. With advanced LiDAR technology and Discrete Graphics Processing Unit, it delivers precise distance measurements through rigorous radar analysis.

Perfect for Boosting Your Business.

xTool P2 assists the woodmaker community in offering personalized custom services and creating high-quality furniture, decorations, and crafts by providing precise cutting and efficient production capabilities.

Bulk Quantities in One Go.

Easily input the desired number of rows and columns in XCS to swiftly duplicate numerous patterns and perform batch engraving.

One-Click, Smart Fulfilling.

With one click, multiple objects inside the workspace can be automatically recognized and intelligently filled with patterns on them.

As Simple as 1-2-3

Your Safety, Our Priority.

Stay Safe with AI Fire Detection

Unlike other types of sensors (such as light and smoke sensors), it will not incorrectly identify sunlight exposure, objects resembling the shape of flames, or smoke.

Automatic Lock

The machine's lid automatically keeps locked up during use, enhancing safety for households with children or pets.

Emergency Stop Button

xTool P2 has a built-in emergency stop button for a quick shutdown in case of emergency.


Enclosed Design

With the enclosed design and the light-filtering lid, there is no need to worry about light or smoke leakage.

Multiple-Warning System

xTool features a multi-alert system to ensure machine safety, monitoring motherboard temperature, cooling system status, water levels, and more.

Class 1 Laser Option

The xTool P2 comes in both Class 4 and Class 1 variants,with Class 1 designed for high safety environments. We choose Class 1 for proctecting your maximum safety.

Excellent Smoke Exhaust System

Utilizing built-in 145CFM exhaust fan, simply place the exhaust pipe outside the window, and watch as the machine efficiently removes the smoke.


1*XTOOL P2-Class 1 or 1*XTOOL P2-Class 4

1*46 USB data cable (type-C)

5*3.5mm Cardboard



1*L-shaped wrench


4*Basswood Plywood 3mm

1*Exhaust pipe assembly

1*Power cord

2*Transparent acrylic

1*Quick Start Guide

1*Instructions for use

1* xTool Fire Safety Set (General version)