Ultimaker Maintenance Kit

Category: Add-Ons, Ultimaker, UM2

The Ultimaker maintenance kit is a must have kit. All spare parts you need to maintain your Ultimaker can be found in this maintenance Kit. This maintenance kit can be used for both the Ultimaker 2+ as the Ultimaker 2 Extended+.


The maintenance kit contains:

2288 PT100 B Sensor Glass Fiber

2278 TFM 2x

1699 Fan Pack

1696 Bowden Tube Pack

2313 Olsson Nozzle 0.4

1310 Hot End Isolator

1688 Pulley Pack

1154 Glass plate

1256 Build Platform Glass Retainer Back (2x)

9241 Calibration Card

1255 Sliding Blocks 4x

1226 Magnalube /Grease

1188 Timing Belt GT2 200 (2x)

1189 Timing Belt GT2 610 (4x)

2283 Heater Cartridge 24V 35W

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