Tripodmaker Black

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Tripodmaker just launched their new device, Tripodmaker Black Edition, combining four must-haves for the new generation of 3D printers: easy to use, stark design, high quality and creative freedom. The Belgian delta 3D printer manufacturer targets users craving for a professional device, enjoying easy operation and loving to watch it all happen.

With a focus on breaking into lesser geek user segments, the new intuitive slicing software, PRISMA, will enable users to work with predefined print settings, a materials database and organized storage for their prints. As a cloud application, it will always be up-to-date and deliver speedy performance through dedicated servers. The automatic bed levelling and pause & resume functionality adds to the ease of use. The solid open look, 32 litres of imagination and high resolution makes the device on top of the game regarding design and creative performance.

Print technology Fused Deposition Modeling
Maximum build volume ø 300 x 450 mm
Dimensions of the 3D printer 420 x 530 x 1010 mm
Weight 16 kg
Pre-assembled? Yes
Nozzle diameter 0.4 mm
Nozzle temperature Maximum 295°C
Filament diameter 1.75
Layer Resolution 0.075 - 0.30 mm
Print speed -
Positioning precision of the axes -
Calibration Automatic
Printable materials ABS, PLA, PETG, Hips, polycarbonate
Heated printbed Yes, maximum 95° C
Stand alone printing via SD? Yes
Stand alone printing via USB? No
Stand alone printing via WiFi No
LCD Screen Yes
Software Prisma cloud slicer
File format .stl
Supporting OS Windows 7 or higher
Open / Closed Source? Open Source

 Check out the cloud-based software here!

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