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The Makeblock Robotic Arm Add-on Pack is a robot pack to extend the possibilities of your Makeblock Starter Robot Kit. It contains all the parts to build the robotic arm such as a 37mm DC Motor, Robot Gripper, beams, timing pulleys and hardware.

You can build a tank with a robotic arm that can be controlled with a IR remote controller for example. You can use the IR remote controller to move the robot and pick up something like a bottle of water.

Now, use this pack to build your Robotic Arm Tank!

  • Expand your Makeblock Starter Robot Kit and build a Robotic Arm Tank or Robotic Arm Car
  • All parts of the robotic arm are included
  • Largest open size of the robot gripper is 76mm
  • Motor inside the gripper will stop when it fully open and fully closed
1 x Beam 0824-64 1 x Timing Pulley 90T 2 x Nylon lock Nut 4mm
1 x Beam 0824-80 1 x Timing Belt 123T 4 x Countersunk Screw M3x8 
3 x Beam 0824-96 3 x Linear Motion Shaft D4x88mm 12 x Headless Set Screw M3x5 
3 x Beam 0808-168 8 x Shaft Collar 4mm 6 x Plastic Ring 4x7x2mm
3 x Plate 3x6 1 x Flange Bearing 4x8x3mm 1 x Me Dual DC Motor Driver
1 x DC Motor-37 Bracket B 16 x Socket Cap Screw M4x8 2 x 6P6C RJ25 cable-20cm
1 x DC Motor-37 12V/50RPM 14 x Socket Cap Screw M4x14 1 x HEX Screwdriver 2.5mm
1 x Strong Robot Gripper 6 x Socket Cap Screw M4x22 1 x HEX Allen Key 1.5mm
1 x Timing Pulley18T 8 x Nut M4  

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