Music Robot Kit v2.0 (with Electronics)

This kit can be used to build a music robot. It can play a xylophone using an application via a USB cable installed on the computer. With this application you can use your keyboard or computer to play the xylophone using the number keys from 1 to 7. You can also type a music score in the application and then send it to the robot, the robot will play the music you have sent automatically.


  • Digital RGB LED strip bring cool effects when playing the music.
  • Three ways of playing music:
    • With gestures using the ultrasonic range sensor which detects your position
    • A pre-programmed tune can be played, or you can create your own
    • Control using a PC application
  • High quality stepper motor with the high-performance Me stepper motor driver
  • Easy to drive and plays the xylophone very well
  • Strong anodized extruded aluminium parts

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