mecanum wheel set

All Mecanum Wheel sets comes with 4mm motor shaft connectors. If you want to use the Mecanum Wheels with 8mm-shaft motors, you also need to buy the 8mm Motor Shaft Clamping Hub for Mecanum Wheel. Note that each wheels needs one 8mm clamping hub.

  • Mecanum wheels allow a robot to achieve omni-directional movement while supporting large weights.
  • Works with encoder motors and stepper motors.
  • Compatible with 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm motor shafts.
  • All-metal aluminum design of the plate, making the wheels more rugged
  • 9 rubber rollers on each wheel
  • Easy to assemble
Diameter 100mm
Width 52mm
Roller length 51mm
Max. weight per wheel 30kg


  • 2 x Right Mecanum Wheel
  • 2 x Left Mecanum Wheel
  • 4 x 4mm Shaft Connector
  • 8 x M3x5mm screw
  • 8 x M4x14mm screw

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