Mecanum Wheel Robot Kit without Orion and Handle

Mecanum Wheel Robot Kit is a type of mobile chassis robot based on Makeblock open source hardware. The chassis of this kit consists of mecanum wheels, encoder motor drivers, mechanical parts and other electronic modules. Controller board and controller are not included in this version. This robot kit is for projects that move in narrow space or projects that need to move in all directions.

Two Sizes

This kit can be assembled in two different sizes. A small version (360 x 386 x 100mm) with a rated load of 10kg, and a larger version (496 x 512 x 100) with a rated load of 40kg. Check the product pictures above to see the configurations.

Easy wiring

Modules in this kit all equipped with RJ25 ports for easy wiring. Just by connecting the modules together, robots can be built in a really quick way. All the wiring is simple and very clean.

Please note: Batteries are not included. The whole setup needs 12V and some power to properly drive the motors. We recommend RC LiPo batteries with T-connectors for the power distribution.

Collision Risk of Mecanum Wheel and Disclaimer

Due to the characteristic of the mecanum structure, this mecanum robot kit has anti-impact resistance feature. This robot kit can only run on flat floor and cannot collide with the walls or other obstacles, or it may cause damage of the sticks or bearings in the mecanum wheels. In case of improper use of this product, for instance, damage caused by running this robot on uneven floor or collision with other obstacles, we will not provide warranty and refunds.

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