Me Slide Potentiometer

Me Slide Potentiometer is a type of potentiometer that can be used to control volume, light intensity, motor speed, movement control, etc. in interactive projects.

  • Compatible with the Arduino sensor expansion board
  • Three 4mm mounting holes and one RJ25 port for easy assembling
  • With one red power indicator and one blue potentiometer indicator
  • Anti-reverse connection protection feature

This Me Slide Potentiometer can be combined with Me Orion (or any other other Arduino IO/sensor expansion board) in interactive projects. Move the slider from one side to the other and its output voltage will range from 0 V to the VCC you apply. The voltage supported is between 3.3V and 5V.

If you connect this module to the Me Orion, please make sure you connect it to port 6, port 7 or port 8.

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