Me PIR Motion Sensor

Me PIR sensors are used to detect motion from animals/ humans from about 6m away. If anyone moves in that range, the sensor outputs HIGH on its SIG pin. With a potentiometer soldered on its circuit board, you can adjust its detecting range according to your needs. Application ideas: motion detection, anti-theft system, automation switch.
Note: When you power it, you may need to wait 10 seconds until the sensor is initialized.

The Makeblock Me series modules are designed to be simple to wire and easy to program. The controller is compatible with Arduino and each Me module comes with a Arduino library for easy programming.

  • Adjustable range using a potentiometer
  • Easy wiring with 6-pin RJ25 connector
  • 2.54mm breakout pins for connecting with jumper wires
  • 16mm interval M4 mounting holes, compatible with Makeblock beams
  • State and power LED indicators
  • Holding time: 2s
  • Detecting angle: 120 degree
  • Detecting distance: max 6m

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