Computer Add-On Pack for Raspberry Pi

Turn your Raspberry Pi into a real computer with this computer add-on pack!

Look, we're not advocating that you throw out your Macbook Pro.  But we do think it's really cool that, with just a few accessories, you can convert your credit-card sized computer into a grown up pocket computer.

We don't include a monitor but do include an HDMI cable so you can connect it to whatever you have on-hand OR you can pick up one of our HDMI Displays from the Adafruit store.

These add-ons will work best with the Raspberry Pi Model B+ (not included) since the mouse and keyboard use up 1 USB port each and the B+ has four.  But it will still work with the Model B or A.

Remember, a Raspberry Pi is NOT INCLUDED in this kit!

This kit does include:

  • Mini Chiclet Keyboard - USB Wired - Black - A good quality, slim keyboard with full QWERTY and a USB Cable.
  • ​HDMI Cable - 1 meter - Basic HDMI cable for connecting your Pi to a monitor or TV.
  • ​USB Wired Mouse - Two Buttons plus Wheel - This is a mouse.  A nice, simple mouse.  No bells or whistles.  Just a mouse