Base Bracket B

Category: mechanical parts

The Base Bracket is a multi-purpose bracket that can be used with the Me BaseBoard, Battery Holder and even the Raspberry Pi Model B.

Three types of plastic rivets are included for different mounting purposes.

Base Bracket B is bigger than Base Bracket A and has more holes to connect with electronic boards and mechanical parts. Additionally, the two biggest holes in the bracket will allow the RJ25 cables to go through. Plastic Rivet 3075, Plastic Rivet 4060 and Plastic Rivet 4100 are included. Users can choose Plastic Rivet3075 to connect Base Bracket with Arduino or Meduino, choose Plastic Rivet 4060 to connect Base Bracket with Battery Holder, and choose Plastic Rivet 4100 to connect Base Bracket with Base Board.

  • 1 x Base Bracket B
  • 4 x Plastic Rivet 3075
  • 4 x Plastic Rivet 4060
  • 4 x Plastic Rivet 4100

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