Aprintpro PrintaKit

Category: Accessoires, UM2, UM3, UMO

PrintaKit, the complete guide for every 3D print users.

PrintaKit is a 37-piece toolkit specially designed for 3D printers, including all necessary tools to maintain your printer and post-process your print. In addition to the well selected assortment, you have enough space for further accessories in this robust case.

What can you find in this PrintaKit case?
-          PrintaFix Basic 100ml Adhesion spray
-          Long nose plier
-          Electric side cutter
-          Precision knife
-          Sharpened flexible spatula
-          Allen Key set
-          Glass scraper
-          Tweezers with straight tip
-          7 mm hex wrench
-          5x cleaning needles
-          Safety goggles
-          Gloves
-          5x Calibration card

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