In this one stop shop you will find almost anything that you need to equip a fablab, makerspace, hackerspace or STEAM-classroom.  We based our product offer in the first place on the MIT fablab inventory list and people who want to start a fablab should definitely check out the Fabfoundation site.  Second, because of our expertise in managing fablabs (fablab Brussels and fablab Erpe-Mere) for the past 5 years, we added some products of which we are very satisfied.

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Eat your own dog food!

This is our leitmotif.  We know what is it to manage, equip and operate fablabs - and know how challenging it can be sometimes to choose the right equipment.  All the tools we sell are tools we use ourselves, this is the best way for us to give you the best support.

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STEAM based Education

With our background in education (secondary and higher) we want to share our experiences regarding STEAM curricula.  Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics are part of the 21st century skills and it requires a rich learning context (the third teacher in mind) to ensure that our youth acquire the skills.

STEAM up your classroom

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STEAMachine - the mobile fablab

We have workshops for your organization so you can experience the fantastic possibilities with fablabs. Whether the audience are kids, teachers, university students, starters or businesses - we have different possibilities to offer.

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We build your fablab!

We can’t stop talking about fablabs, they are really amazing on so many different levels.  Whether it is education, entrepreneurship or social innovation – it really doesn’t matter – it just works!  And also, the global maker community is such a cool family to be part of!

For all these reasons we decided to start up FabLab Factory – in a way to help schools and organizations to overcome all the hassle in finding and judging the right equipment, installing and configuring it.  Fablab Factory is equipment, training and curricula for you and your colleagues to give your school and community a technology boost.

So, from start to finish we can setup your fablab, train you and your colleagues and enable your pupils and students to become the next generation of makers!

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