When it comes to electronics, the range of components, microcontrollerboards and -shields is virtually unlimited.  Again, we made a distinct choice based on the MIT Inventory list, and our experience with smaller and bigger fablabs.

In the MIT Inventory list, a lot of electronic components have mounting type SMD (Surface-Mounted Device or SMT Surface-Mount Type).  Sure, this is the way to go in the end, but still.. a lot of labs don't immediately have the expertise nor the infrastructure to produce PCB's (Printed Circuit Board) with SMD components.  For that, we included as much as possible also the Through Hole mounting type - ideal for those prototyping on breadboards.

Our current productlist is really restricted to the bare essentials - and get's updated frequently.  If you think that certain components should absolutely be included in our offer, just give us a shout

We know it is very tempting to buy imitation components, especially regarding Genuino/Arduino boards and shields! Try not to do that, the Genuino company has been super important and generous to all of us.  The Maker community would not have been the same without them and that should be rewarded - according to our humble opinion ;)