Shapeoko Z-Plus Upgrade

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Artikelnummer: FLF.MIL.BNC.C3D.ZPLUS-S

The Shapeoko Z-Plus is our new upgrade for the Shapeoko.

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De langverwachte Z-Plus optie is eindelijk beschikbaar voor PreOrder!!

Vanwege Covid-19 lag de productie van Carbide3D een tijdje stil deze wordt momenteel terug opgestart, levertijden zijn nog onbekend. Bestel alvast de machine van je keuze om een plaatsje in de wachtrij te verzekeren...


No more Z axis belt drive or V wheels with the Z-Plus.

The Z-Plus includes:

  • Stepper motor with integrated leadscrew
  • Custom made anti-backlash nut
  • Twin HG15-style linear rails with two linear guides on each rail
  • Plates are .25" powder-coated steel
  • Inductive homing switches for X, Y, and Z (with adapter board)
  • EZ-Tram plate to make it easier to adjust left/right tilt of the spindle

See our Z-Plus Video Here

NOTE: Because this upgrade requires a change to inductive limit switches, only machines with the Carbide Motion PCB version 2.4 or higher are supported.  If your machine is newer than Feb 2017, it's probably got a supported PCB.  If you have an older machine, or you're not sure what board you have, get in touch and we'll try to help out.

For the legally-obsessed out there, the Shapeoko, Carbide Compact Router, and cutter shown in the photo are not included with the Z-Plus.  But you already knew that.

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