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This is the Heavy Duty Z/X or HDZ. It’s precision milled and designed specifically for the Shapeoko 3 replacing the existing Linear Z and X carriage. It is a significant upgrade to your Shapeoko 3 offering superior rigidity, EZTram and zero loss of Z height during milling and power cycles.

Designed around a ball screw and linear rails it will allow your Z to glide up and down with ease – even with a weighty spindle.

In addition to the above, it features EZTram, a quick way to tram your router.

Disclaimer - This is not designed for the everyday user, but professional users who push their machines to the limits, for most it’s overkill.


  • Offers 150mm of travel
  • Will not slip or lose Z height
  • 15mm machined aluminium back plate
  • Features EZTram for quick router alignment
  • Suitable for heavy 2.2kw spindles - supported in our new 80mm mount
  • Supports standard Z and X limit switches
  • V wheels are better protected
  • Fully supported by Carbide 3D and Carbide Motion
  • Compatible with the Suckit Dust Boot**

This kit comes pre assembled, 95% ready to fit. The only hardware that will come from your existing setup is the spindle mount and limit switches. GRBL changes are handled by Carbide Motion.


  • If you have an enclosure you need approx. 270mm clearance from the top of your X rail. The HDZ 3.3 version requires 240mm clearance from the top of your X rail.
  • To fit the Suckit Dust boot you will need to purchase the suitable mounting kit from Suckit.

 Installation instructions can be found here: HDZ 3.2 Installation Instructions


NOTE: The HDZ is in a constant state of change and upgrades so the unit you receive might differ from the photos and description above.  (If it does, it'll differ in a good way!)

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