IOT prototyping


30 MIN

What is SAMlab

Sam labs are little elektronic blocks, each of them is a sensor or a motor, buzzer, … The blocks can be programmed in the samspace app.
With SAM labs it‘s possible to quickly create electronic prototypes. SAM Labs kits are bursting with wireless electronic blocks that each have a personality of their own. From lights to motors to sliders to buzzers, every Bluetooth-enabled block can connect to the others via the app to do something different. Press a button to turn a light on! Use a light sensor to activate an alarm! With the app, students can code the behaviours of blocks in any way they can imagine, enabling them to make anything from simple reactions to complex creations in minutes. giflagen

Some examples


Hack minecraft: make your own controller for the minecraft game. With the samlabs, you can make your own drawing machine. Make a twitter machine,... go to for more examples.

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Setup for first use

Download software

Download the software online

Go to and choose the right device you are using or find the app in the Microsoft Store or the App Store under “SAM Space”.
Download the software   giflagen

Turn on bluetooth or use a dongle

Turn on bluetooth on your device

Make sure Bluetooth has been activated on your device.

Use a dongle

If bluetooth is not working on your device, try plugging in the Bluetooth dongle included in the kit.




Create a login

You’ll need an email and generate an username and password.You will stay logged in on your device as long as you don’t log in with your account on other devices. Your can save, open and edit your SAM coding on every device when you log in.


Get started

Connecting SAM blocks

Turn on the blocks

Turn on your wireless SAM blocks by pressing the button above the SAM logo. When the light turns on, you will know the block is full of power and ready to go.

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Turn on bluetooth

Make sure Bluetooth has been activated on your device. If it is not working on your device, try plugging in the Bluetooth dongle included in your kit. restart the samspace if needed.


Pair blocks

First, turn on your SAM block and click on Connect blocks in the top left-handcorner of SAM Space Education. You’ll see a screen with 2 columns. The column on the left is filled with the SAM blocks already paired to your device. The right column shows SAM's that are available to pair with.
To pair, simply click on ‘Pair’ on the block you want to pair with in the middle column.
Confirm to connect the block. A white light will start burning.
Close the window. The block will now appear on the right corner at the bottom.
TIP: turn on only one block at the time and place the SAM block on your keyboard to maximize the bluetooth connection.

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Use SAM blocks

Start using a block.

Choose the needed SAM-block from the corner on the right. Drag the blocks to the middle to start using it. Notice that the light will change from white to a color. When pressing the physical button, the button on the screen will be pressed too.
Add as manny blocks as needed

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Make connections

Input blocks have a filled circle on the right. Output blocks have an empty circle on the left. Connect in- and output by drawing a line in between. Notice that the color of the circles on the screen will get the same color when connected, the color will change at the same time with the SAM-blocks.
To erase a line, simply click once on a line, tap on the erase icon and the connection will disappear.
Click on the block to delete or edit the settings.

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integrate software blocks

Take your inventions to the next level by adding in SAM software blocks. Drag and drop the behaviours and functions you want to use from the left-hand-side panel into your SAM Space Canvas. Then, make your blocks interact by creating connections from your hardware blocks to your software blocks.
To help you get started, here are some easy connections you can make with your software and hardware blocks in seconds.
Connect a SAM Button to a Toggle Block, and then to a SAM Light!
Connect a SAM Slider to a Filter Block, and then to a SAM DC Motor!
Connect a SAM Button to an Inverse Block, and then to a SAM Light!

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Reference guide

To learn about all the funcionalities in detail, read the SAM glossary and see the full potential of how SAM can empower you to go beyond!
Go to reference guide  

Inspiration projects

Find inspiration on the SAM Labs website. SAM Labs projects give you inspiration and step-by-step instructions to bring creative ideas to life. Why not see how SAM works with other awesome products like Makey Makey, IFTTT, Minecraft and many many more! Click here for inspiration projects.

Reset blocks

reset on hardwear

If your SAM block doesn’t appear in the app menu, it may need to be reset. To reset your SAM blocks, follow these simple steps.

  1. Make sure your block is turned on.
  2. Hold the power button above the SAM logo for 10 seconds until it flashes white.
  3. Turn the button back on and pair it to the app.
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Charge blocks

How to charge

If your SAM block won’t turn on or is blinking red, it may need to be charged. You can charge multiple blocks at a time with the STEAM Kit.
Included in your kit, you will find a charging solution with 5 micro-USB cables. Charge your blocks in bulk to save time for the whole class.
After 60 minutes, the red light will turn green, which means your blocks are charged and ready for more hours of fun!

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Why are my blocks not appearing in the app on windows

  1. Make sure Bluetooth has been activated on your device. Activate your bluetooth through the settings menu and restart the software. If necessary restart your device.
  2. If their is no bluetooth on your device, try plugging in the Bluetooth dongle included in your kit. Plug in the Bluetooth dongle and start the SAM Space app. If necessary restart your device.
  3. On Windows, sometimes there are conflicts with the Bluetooth drivers that SAM Space installs and the Bluetooth drivers that Windows installs, which leads to SAM blocks not appearing. The Bluetooth drivers that Windows installs are not compatible with SAM Space and will need to be uninstalled. Follow these instructions to get you going: .

Why doesn't my blocks turn on

If your SAM block won’t turn on or is blinking red, it may need to be charged.

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