The world around us is changing rapidly. New technological developments emerge continuously and bring many opportunities. We view this digital disruption with a mix of feelings: on the one hand full of wonder for the new possibilities, on the other hand with a tad of unrest about what impact this will have.

Digital is the new normal, and we have to make sure not to leave anyone behind.

In order to reach everyone in our society, schools and libraries are the most exquisite meeting places where young and old gather and have access to information, culture and lifelong learning.

More and more schools and libraries set up a makerspace to invest in maker education with a focus on STEAM, and to empower their communities. In these makerspaces people start using digital (fabrication) technology to make things, and in doing so acquire a lot of skills. This kind of digital literacy is essential to ensure that the gains of the next digital disruptions benefit the entire society.

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  • Creative DIY places where people come together to create, invent and learn.
  • The range often consists of 3D printers, laser and vinyl cutters, embroidery machines, vacuum formers, CNC milling machines, design and programming software and electronics.
  • Different perspectives and skills are brought together to make miraculous creations.
  • The (combination of the tools with the) local context of the school or library and the community creates a fascinating, infectious learning environment where individuals get the chance to get in touch with the new world of digital production technologies.
  • The global network, also known as the maker movement, not only ensures that individuals can learn from each other locally, but also that knowledge and skills are shared worldwide.


Many schools, libraries, local authorities, ... are already convinced of the great added value of a makerspace, but often remain stuck in the practical implementation, partly due to a shortage of knowledge among the staff, partly due to the unclear abundance of possibilities. With FabLib we want to lower the threshold to set up a makerspace in schools or libraries by offering an all-in-one package, consisting of all kind of digital fabrication tools, excellent learning materials, qualitative training programs, (online) support in the programming of make activities and maintenance. In short, we offer the appropriate tools and services to successfully set up a makerspace and sustainably maintain it in your library or school.

EQUIPMENT // What's in the FabLib package?

The FabLib package offers user-friendly and compact devices that have been carefully selected for ease of use, quality and safety and that fits perfectly into a school or library environment (limited space, little noise, no dust, ...).


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Vinyl Cutter

Scan any image or sketch, then precisely cut the shapes or outlines. You can use a lot of different materials so that you can have your own design on your favorite stuff like laptop, clothing, bike, ...



3D Printer

The 3D printer is by far the most intriguing machine in the FabLib package. It allows you to go from a 3D file (that you design yourself, or download from tons of online libraries) to a tangible 3D object..



Laser Cutter

The Laser cutter is definitely the most used machine in any maker space. Designs made in 2D can be cut, engraved or rasterized in wood, acrylic, cardboard and textile.





Sewing Machine

The Sewing machine is perhaps the coolest maker machine avant la lettre. Making things with textile and leather just gives tremendous possibilities, especially in combining it with the other tools.



Digital Prototyping

With our offer for digital prototyping we give people the tools to make interesting prototypes and in a playful way develop digital skills and gain understanding on digital technologies and programming.



Physical Prototyping

Develop a powerful skill set through hands-on exploration and working with mechanical construction and design.This open-ended system creates opportunities for fun and engaging experiences for beginners and experts of all ages.



CNC Machine

CNC milling allows you to mill or cut your own modeled designs in, for example, wood or metal. An added value for those who have mastered laser cutting and 3D printing and want to take a next step.



Vacuum former

The Vacuum former allows you to make molds in seconds. Bringing your next idea to life has never been easier. In combination with the 3D printer, the vacuum former opens up new perspective. This way you can replicate 3D objects in any material.


Embroidery machine

With the embroidery machine you can give everyday objects, such as cushions, clothing and textiles, extra color and style in no time by embroidering your own design or text.









SUPPORT // How can we support you?

In addition to the right equipment, we also offer the appropriate support to successfully start a makerspace and to maintain it in a sustainable way.
Therefore, we are constantly creating clear and well-organized learning materials - both online and offline. We also provide training for teachers, library staff and volunteers. Depending on the chosen package, the training varies between 3 and 5 days.


The following topics will be discussed:

The what and why of a fablib

Introduction to the FabLib concept, digital fabrication and open design principles. What is the significance and added value of maker spaces in relation to the library and the broader cultural heritage sector?

How to use the equipment

Based on a number of exercises, participants learn to work with the software and machines. At the end of the module they will be able to work independently in a FabLib and guide visitors and customers in a FabLib in the use of the facilities.

How to run a Fablib

How to program FabLib activities adapted to the local context.


Who are we?

With FabLab Factory we want to make a significant impact on education. The expertise, experience and content that FabLab Factory has developed throughout the years - in the field of education and technology - is brought together in FabLib. Therefore, a complete and qualitative process can be offered, with attention for strategic planning, programming of make activities, technical support for teachers and librarians, and maintenance of machines.


We believe that Fablib will inspire thousands of people around the world to make the coolest things they can imagine. Whether it is at school or in the library, everybody deserves a chance to start experimenting with all these amazing tools and learning materials and therefore we need you! By cooperating with enthusiastic maker educators, content suppliers and everybody who believes in the power of FabLib, we can offer the quality services our schools and libraries deserve. Are you keen to become our next FabLib Ambassador? Let’s talk.


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