Form Wash & Form Cure

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Form Wash

Form Wash, the ideal way to clean your prints perfectly every time. Thanks to the internal impeller, the Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) flows around every nook and cranny of your print. 

The printed parts of your Form 2 can travel straight from your printer to the Form Wash. Prints can stay on the build platform, or they can be removed and put in the basket. The Form Wash was built to fit the build platform. 

A big advantage of the Form Wash is the automatic Wash Cycle. In the past, you had to pay attention when washing the print. Too long in the IPA could result in warping of your print. With the Form Wash, the print will be automatically lifted out of the IPA after the preset time has passed. The parts dry in the air and are ready when you are.

The Form Wash unit can hold up to 8.6 liters of IPA. This is enough to wash around 70 prints. The included hydrometer alerts you when it is time to change the IPA. A siphon pump makes it easy to transfer IPA into and out of the wash bucket.

The Form Wash can be combined with the Form Cure.




Form Cure

With the Form Cure, Formlabs is offering a reliable and professional post-curing solution. This post-curing station controls temperature and light precisely, so that your Form 2 3D prints are cured in the best way possible. The curing gives them optimal performance properties.

The Form Cure has precise temperature control, which is important for successful post-curing your prints. The chamber of the Form Cure can reach up to 80°C. The Form Cure also has 13 LEDs, which emit 405nm light to trigger the post-curing reaction. This results in optimal results.

Last, the Form Cure also has a rotating turntable, forced-air heating and multi-directional LED’s to reach the best prints.

What is Post-Curing?

During post-curing, exposure to 405 nm light triggers the formation of additional chemical bonds within a printed part, making the material stronger and stiffer. Heat accelerates this process and enables more complete bond formation for a fast and highly effective post-cure resulting in optimal material properties.

Post-curing improves the material properties of all resins:

  • Standard resins increase in strength.
  • Engineering resins reach peak performance.
  • Castable resins burn out more cleanly.
  • Biocompatible resins require post-cure.
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