BRM 130250-X METAL

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All BRM Laser machines come standard-equipped with servo motors, thereby ensuring your end product’s stability. In addition, the laser tube is chilled by a closed and alarmed water cooling system. The operating precision is ± 0.1mm and the maximum running

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The BRM Metal lasers are, just like our line of CO2 and Portal lasers, suitable for laser cutting and laser engraving of many types of materials. Here too, use is made of a CO2 tube, so that the same range of products can be processed.

However, with the addition of oxygen and a special laser head our Metal lasers can also cut steel up to a thickness of 1.2 mm. This therefore provides additional possibilities compared to a normal CO2 laser machine.

The BRM Metal lasers are available both in a closed table version and in a portal model. The machines are supplied as a complete package as standard. This means that the machines include the following accessories:

  • Lamb table
  • Lensset
  • Extraction system
  • Air compressor
  • Industrial water cooler
  • Professional software

Work area 130x250 mm
Weight 650 kg
Laser type Sealed CO2 laser tube
Laser power 150W
Dimensions of the machine 1890x3460x1150 mm


Acrylate is a material that is easy to cut, but also sensitive to scratches. That is why the protective film is left intact when cutting acrylics. Of the two types, the extruded version is the most suitable for laser cutting. After cutting, no post-processing is necessary with respect to the edges. These are just as clear finished as the acrylic itself. Furthermore, the fact that cracks are minimal is because the process is contactless. The laser does not put any pressure on the material during operation.


It is possible to lasercut and laser engrave different types of wood. Factors that require extra attention in wood laser cutting are the oil content, the density and the moisture content of the wood to be cut. These factors reflect the status of the wood and affect the laser power that needs to be set before the process starts. More laser power is set for hardwood than for softwood. With the help of our lasers it is also possible to cut MDF. MDF is a wooden board that consists of wood fibers that have been finely ground and subsequently compressed by means of resins. The waste materials that are released during the process of wood laser cutting are harmful. That's why all laser machines from BRM have an extraction system that immediately absorbs these substances. Our laser machines can, among other things, process the following types of wood: abachi, oak, ash, maple, solid wood, natural wood, softwood, hardwood, wood material, bamboo, balsa wood, mahogany, linden, beech, poplar, birch, beech, silver fir, Douglas fir , fir, pine, red beech, cherry tree, walnut, padouk, teak, cork, veneer, plywood, MDF and plywood.


The laser sublimates the learning surface. This means that during the laser cutting process the material melts and evaporates due to the energy of the laser beam. As a result, narrow and extremely accurate slots can be cut into the leather by using the laser technique.

With laser machines you can edit both natural and artificial leather. There are various processing options for leather, such as leather laser cutting and leather laser engraving. Please note that artificial leather often contains PVC. PVC can not be treated with a laser machine, because harmful gases can then be released.


Laser cutting glass is not recommended. The heat of the laser beam quickly creates tension within the glass surface, which increases the chance of tearing. Glass cutting is therefore often done with water. It is possible to laser engrave glass.

Laser engraving of glass is matting the glass surface. Glass and bottles, round and conical objects, can be wedged into a special unit in the laser engraving machine for glass. The object to be processed rotates during the process.


BRM Lasers has several types of specialized laser machines in its range. For the laser cutting of metal, BRM Lasers has specially designed the BRM metal laser. With the addition of oxygen and a special laser head, these lasers can also cut steel that has a thickness of 1.2 mm, allowing the metal cutting with a laser. Due to the high energy of the laser beam, it is possible to cut metal types, such as titanium and steel. The beam of the laser cuts through this material with a special technique. The laser beam evaporates the metal that is cut through. Metal laser cutting can be done by the BRM metal laser with the metal types: aluminum, stainless steel, copper, high-speed steel, steel alloys, coated metals, titanium, hard metals and precious metals, such as gold, silver and steel.

BRM 130250-x 150W + BRM Extractor XXL

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