February 24, 2017

PHABLABS 4.0 adds the power of photonics to FabLabs 

"VUB B-PHOT develops a European STEM platform together with 27 partners where youngsters and entrepreneurs can create mind-blowing projects using photonics,” Prof. Ir. Hugo Thienpont, project coördinator and director B-PHOT Brussels Photonics.

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Op woensdag 25 mei organiseerde UNIZO De Makers in samenwerking met RUIMTEVOLK een bezoek aan het nieuwe maakgebied Rotterdam. 

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FABelgrade 2016

May 15, 2016

Science day  

FABelgrade 2016 is the 1st conference in Serbia and the region dedicated to promotion of digital fabrication and fab lab concept and their application in various fields.

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RoboCup Junior

April 30, 2016

On Saturday 30/04/2016 I was at the RoboCup Junior competition in Tour & Taxis in Brussels.  My mission? To check the robots developed by the different teams from the first grade in secondary education in Belgium.

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Gebeten door Ondernemen

April 28, 2016

De HoGent en Odisee hebben hun jaarlijkse Ondernemersaward uitgereikt aan Frans Krauch van meststoffenbedrijf Viano. Het is al de vijfde keer dat beide hogescholen de meest gebeten ondernemer uit de regio Aalst bekronen.

[Yes it is in Dutch, but hey we're living in Europe right?]

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STEAM with Girls 4 Girls!

February 29, 2016

L’esperienza di sabato è stata l’ennesima dimostrazione dell’incredibile potenziale dei Fab Labs per rendere l’educazione più creativa e divertente.

[Yes it is in Italian, but hey we're living in Europe right? Thank you Martina Ferracane]

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Teacher Maker Camp

February 19, 2016

WAAG Society's Fablab published 10 recipes to help teachers (re)discover their inner-inventor & get skilled in maker education.

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CircaLab Gent

February 08, 2016

Het Circalab is een heus digitaal laboratium waar gezinnen met kinderen volop kan experimenteren met nieuwe media.  Je vindt er interactieve installaties die zich op het kruispunt tussen kunst, media, technologie en wetenschap bevinden.

[Yes it is in Dutch, but hey we're living in Europe right?]

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December 23, 2015

Fablab Erpe-Mere   Make-a-thon   robotarm  

On 21 and 22 December 2015 we organised a Make-a-thon for kids of 11 to 14 years old in Fablab Erpe-Mere. In these 2 days, they learned how to build and program Arduino-based electronics, how to design in Inkscape and how to lasercut parts. In the end, they all had to build and customise their own robot arm, based on the MeArm.

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December 01, 2015

EFRD   EFRO   Entrepreneurship   FabLaBXL   Incubation   Start-up  

From 2 January 2013 until 31 January 2015 an EFRD-project ran at the Erasmus University College of Brussels. The aim of the project was to help potential entrepreneurs (pre-starters) create a physical and/or multimedia prototype.

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